MITA Survey App

Our brand new 'self-service' app lets you manage your own online staff surveys:

  • Time-saving, easy to administer and FREE to use
  • Two quick-to-complete surveys for senior leaders and classroom practitioners  
  • MITA Teacher and TA Survey allows staff to share experiences and views about practice anonymously
  • MITA School Leaders' Survey helps SLT to reflect on and rate strategic decision-making
  • Robust, field-tested questions based on our extensive research and work with schools
  • Provides unique weblinks to give your staff access to your surveys
  • Automatically generates a downloadable PDF report of survey results
  • Results help identify areas of good practice and areas to improve
  • Supports auditing and monitoring processes set out in our Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants book.

To get started, click to register for the app using the blue button on the right.

Download our quick start guide to setting up and managing surveys.  

Preview the surveys: MITA Teacher and TA Survey | MITA School Leaders' Survey




i-observe is a lesson observation app and online reporting tool designed to support busy leaders and teachers to:

  • Diagnose the impact of teaching on learning and monitor changes over time
  • Develop observation and feedback skills
  • Identify key strengths and areas for improvement
  • Enhance classroom practice

i-observe's Teaching Assistants feature, designed with MITA's Rob Webster, focuses on the central issues of TA deployment and preparation, and their interactions with students. Use the evaluation descriptors and guidance on gathering evidence to baseline current practice, support CPD and monitor improvement.

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Please note, the i-observe app is not housed on this website.