MPTA: Improving pupil independence


Our school-based training for TAs is delivered as a short course, with gap tasks for staff to complete between sessions.

To realise the full benefit of this training, we recommend schools run the MPTA course for teachers alongside this course. (See also the note about optimising MPTA training below).

Key features

  • Latest research and guidance on the complementary roles of teachers and TAs
  • Scaffolding as a framework for developing pupil independence
  • Reflect on your practice and develop specific scaffolding strategies
  • How to contribute to assessment for learning
  • Effective delivery of intervention programmes
  • Supporting collaborative group work
  • Planning changes to your practice.

How can this course help TAs?

Research indicates that quality feedback on learning and the development of metacognition skills can boost pupil attainment. TAs are well placed to help pupils develop and practise independent thinking skills, but require specific training on how to maximise their contribution to learning. 

Based on extensive and ground-breaking research, this course introduces a classroom-tested framework as the basis for practical strategies and reflective activities to help TAs improve the support they provide to pupils. 

This course specifically for TAs is designed by the authors of the acclaimed book, The Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Effective Interaction: How to Maximise your Practice. Schools can purchase copies of the book at a discounted price as part of this training.

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for all teaching assistants, learning support assistants and other classroom support staff who support learning in all settings and at all stages. 

How is this course delivered?

Schools differ, so there is no 'one size fits all' approach to the MPTA TA training. However, as rule, we recommend the training is covered in two or three sessions, delivered over four to six weeks. The course can be run for an individual school or for a group of schools (this is cost-effective for schools with smaller workforces). Our trainers can tailor delivery depending on need. 

How do I book MPTA training?

Search our list of licensed MPTA trainers. Please contact trainers directly to arrange your training.


An important note on optimising MPTA training in your school

Over and over, we find the schools that derive maximum value from the MPTA training are those where the leadership team has made wider changes to TAs’ deployment and preparation. Before requesting our staff training, we recommend school leaders assess their readiness for it by working through the short MPTA checklist, which can be downloaded here