Meet the team

Maria Constantinou

Specialist Leader in Education for SEND & Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader, St. Mary's C of E Primary School, East Barnet, Herts

I am a Specialist Leader in Education for SEND and Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader at St. Mary's C of E Primary School in East Barnet, Hertfordshire, where Inclusion is recognised as an Area of Excellence.

I am a Primary SEN Consultant for the London Leadership Strategy, a non-profit organisation providing school-to-school support for rapid change and improvement. As a member of the SEN board at Challenge Partners, I contributed to the strategic development of SEN programmes across 265 UK schools, and I currently deliver SEND support on the DfE-funded SEN Leaders programme. 

I have co-written SEN training materials on the effective use of teaching assistants for Teaching Leaders' primary middle leadership programme. My school was an 'early adopter' of the MITA programme and I now contribute to the delivery of the MITA school leaders' course at the UCL Institute of Education. 

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