Whole School SEND - TA Review Guide

Whole School SEND


Scaling and embedding what works to improve outcomes for pupils with SEND

MITA is a proud contributor to the Whole School SEND Consortium: a coalition of practitioners and advocates committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND, through scaling-up and embedding effective practices.

We're developing processes and resources to help schools make effective use of teaching assistants, which complement other Whole School SEND resources, such as the SEND Review.

We've written an evidence-informed, self-evaluation framework to help school leaders review their use of TAs and identify areas for improvement.

The TA Deployment Review Guide can also be used as part of a process of school-to-school support. You can download it for free via, and read a bit more about its aims here.


About Whole School SEND Consortium

The Consortium utilises the principles of school-to-school support honed under the London Challenge, and combines these with SEND expertise from SENCOs, special schools, charities, third sector groups, parents, children and young people with SEND and researchers. Our aim is to make outcomes for those with SEND as important to school leadership teams as every other aspect of school improvement and delivery. The Consortium's work is part-funded by a grant from the Dept of Education. For more, visit