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'Significant proportion' of SEN teaching is being delivered by TAs - Sec Ed (July 2017)

The myth of inclusion - TES (June 2017)

SEND education ‘too dependent on teaching assistants’, researchers say - TES (June 2017)

TAs: superheroes sold short | Editorial It’s time to end TAs’ classroom identity crisis - TES (Feb 2017)

Teaching assistants: how can the role be developed and why aren't they appreciated more? TES Facebook chat with Rob Webster - video interview (Feb 2017)

Side by side. Three schools making the most of their teaching assistants - Nursery World (Jan 2017)

TES talks to... Rob Webster - TES (Nov 2016)

Teaching assistants are winning praise but losing pay - Nursery World (Oct 2016)

IOE collaboration receives EEF funding to unleash the potential of teaching assistants - IOE News (Oct 2016)

TA standards ‘nothing to do with us’, says Gibb – as unions publish report - Schools Week (June 2016)

Help needed - The Economist (June 2016)

Mystery of the missing expert reports - Schools Week (May 2016)

'A worrying proportion of teaching assistants go into the classroom not knowing what's going to happen in the lesson': Sir John Dunford - TES (March 2016)

Improve TA skills. Book review: ​The Teaching Assistant's Guide to Effective Interaction - Special Children (Jan/Feb 2016)

Research Round-Up: SEN pupils 'don't interact as much' - TES (Jan 2016)

Research Review 2015 - Schools Weeks (Dec 2015)

We've got an army of TAs to deploy on the front line - TES (Nov 2015)

Q&A with Rob Webster: SEN in Secondary Education (SENSE) study - Schools Week (Nov 2015) 

The Teaching Assistants Standards report that Nicky Morgan doesn’t want you to see - Schools Week (Oct 2015)

Maximising the impact of teaching assistants - Headteacher Update (Sept 2015)

Teaching assistant standards still delayed after six months - Schools Week (Sept 2015)

Deploying your teaching assistants effectively - Headteacher Update (June 2015)

How teaching assistants can make a real difference in the classroom - The Guardian (Apr 2015)

Most schools failing to use teaching assistants effectively, report says - TES (Feb 2015)

How to use TAs more effectively - Schools Week (Feb 2015)

Campaign launched in Yorkshire to use teaching assistants to help improve poorer pupils’ results - Yorkshire Post (Feb 2015)

Research corner - TES (Jan 2015) 

Maximising the impact of teaching assistants - SEN Leader (Jan 2015)

Teaching assistants to have new set of standards - BBC News (Oct 2014)

Teaching assistants: New revolutionary model for effective use of support staff - TES (Sept 2014)

North Carolina pay raise is more important than teacher assistants - The News & Observer, USA (June 2014)

Unlocking the potential of TAs - Teach Primary (May 2014)

Reappraising the role of teaching assistants - Special Children (Apr 2013)

Rethinking the TA role - Special (May 2013)

Answers on a plate - Teach Primary (Apr 2013)

Pupils with special needs 'separated' from teachers - TES (Feb 2013)

The true value of teaching assistants - Headteacher Update (May 2011)

Preparedness: improving teachers’ ability to work with TAs and cover supervisors - Curriculum Briefing (Nov 2009)


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Teaching assistants are being overstretched and exploited (May 2017)

Six steps to ensure effective TA-led interventions (May 2017)

Budget cuts are threatening teaching assistant jobs, so we need to make every TA count (April 2017)

Four steps to more effective joint planning between TAs and teachers (April 2017)

The five steps teaching assistants must follow to increase student independence (Mar 2017)

Schools don't use teaching assistants effectively – here are four ways to get the most out of your TAs (Mar 2017) 

Is the solution to the teacher supply crisis already in our classrooms? (June 2016)

Developing the role of the teaching assistant: Centralisation as a way forward? (Sept 2015)

The best ways to work with teaching assistants (Feb 2015)

Improving the practice of teaching assistants (Oct 2014)

How headteachers are maximising the impact of teaching assistants and getting results (Sept 2014)

An Inspector calls... TAs’ experiences of Ofsted (August 2014)

TAs: only a research-policy-practice trialogue will lead to evidence-based policy-making (June 2014)

Relying on teaching assistant support for SEN students is a false economy (April 2014)

Be careful what you wish for: Parents, professionals and the new SEN system (March 2014)

What's the evidence on…..the impact of teaching assistants? (March 2014)

Addressing the bigger picture on teaching assistant interventions (Feb 2014)

Education in 2014: The year of the teaching assistant? (Jan 2014)

A quiet revolution. How small changes to TA practice can yield big results (Dec 2013)

TA cuts: A Reform too far? Five things for policy-makers to consider (Dec 2013)

Five reasons why any government should think twice about getting rid of TAs (June 2013)

Should we raise class sizes and reduce the number of teaching assistants? (May 2013)

Worlds apart? How pupils with special needs lead a life away from their teachers and classmates (Feb 2013)

The guide on the side: realising the value of teaching assistants (Nov 2012)

The pupil premium: should schools invest in teaching assistants? (May 2012)