Downloadable resources linked to our EEF guidance report

Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants

Read the guidance report in detail, then work through the supporting resources in the order suggested:

The report and the recommendations

1. A printable version of the Making best use of Teaching Assistants guidance report

2. A poster summarising the seven recommendations in the guidance report

3. A poster summarising ten reasons to improve the use of TAs


Resources to help schools act on the evidence

4. The 'acting on the evidence’ process Key principles to support successful implementation of the recommendations

5. Red, Amber, Green self-assessment tool Assess current practice and monitor progress against the report's recommendations  

6. Online staff survey Survey teachers and TAs anonymously about your school's current practice using our survey app

7. TA observation schedule Collect data to aid your understanding of how TAs are deployed in classrooms

8. Visioning exercise Define what great TA deployment and practice will look like in your school

9. Action planning template Develop action plan points to realise your vision

10. TA policy template Create a policy articulating a shared understanding of TA deployment, use and training in your school


Resources relating to the recommendations in the guidance report

Recommendations I and II – Deploying TAs in classrooms

11. Teacher-TA agreement template Specify co-ordinated, but differentiated, roles during lessons

Recommendation III – TAs' interactions with pupils

12. Scaffolding framework Help TAs scaffold pupils’ learning and encourage independent learning

Recommendations V, VI and VII – TAs delivering targeted, structured interventions

13. Conducting an interventions 'health check' Review interventions and how they are delivered

14. Evidence-based TA-led literacy and numeracy interventions Seven programmes proven to show impact on attainment


Downloadable resources from our books

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (2nd edition)

Auditing materials from Chapter 2: 

Deployment survey questions (Table 2.3) PDF | Word | Survey App

Preparedness survey questions (Table 2.6) PDF | Word | Survey App

Lesson observation schedule (Table 2.4) PDF | Word

Editable policy templates from Chapter 4:

Full TA policy | TA policy agreement 


Appendix 1: Sorting activity

Appendix 2: Action plan template PDF | Word

Appendix 4: Questions and key words for critical thinking

Appendix 5: Prompts for facilitating thinking and learning


The Teaching Assistant's Guide to Effective Interaction

Self-evaluation sheet

Appendix 1: Planning for changes to practice - template

Appendix 2: Planning for changes to practice - completed example

Appendix 4: Assessment for learning sheet

Appendix 5: Scaffolding framework