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After the gold rush: Funding, staffing and uncertain times

15 December 2016

​Research evidence can’t offer certainties, but it can help school leaders make better decisions.

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After delays and debacle, new professional standards for TAs are here

10 June 2016

22 months after they were commissioned, new professional standards for TAs have been published. And the come with some heavyweight backing.

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The TA Professional Standards: How the DfE turned an easy win into an own goal

15 October 2015

The DfE’s decision not to publish the draft standards for teaching assistants is disappointing, self-defeating and leaves the Government’s commitment to the professional status and development of TAs in tatters. Will they ever see the light of day.....?

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Why the hold up? The DfE can show they value the role and contribution of TAs by publishing the professional standards NOW!

11 September 2015

The government has admitted to another delay to the publication of the new professional standards for teaching assistants, but nothing would show a greater statement of intent and support for schools by getting them out there now. After all, the timing couldn’t be better…

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The freedom to make decisions about teaching assistants is nothing new, but now school leaders have the means to unlock their potential

26 February 2015

Evidence-informed guidance and the DfE's new pro​fessional standards for TAs offer school leaders actionable recommendations to help TAs thrive in their role and improve outcomes for pupils.

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DfE apologises to teachers over workload and stress. Kind of.

07 February 2015

The DfE has finally announced the findings from its Workload Challenge and a ‘new deal’ to tackle the causes of teachers’ stress and excessive working hours. Is it enough to win over the profession, three months out from a general election...?

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2014 ends with positive noises for TAs… but what will 2015 bring?

17 December 2014

Back in January, we predicted that 2014 could be the year of the teaching assistant. So as the year ends – and as MITA celebrates its first birthday! – it’s a good time to reflect on what the year has meant for TAs, and what 2015 might bring. Here’s our review of the year.

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From research to practice: the past, present and future of MITA

10 October 2014

The new MITA website will not just promote and publicise our research and consultancy activities, but aims to become a hub for greater collaboration with schools and to help grow the link between research and practice.

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