How to commission a TA Deployment Review


TA Review is a good starting point for developing a whole school strategy to improving the contribution TAs make to teaching and learning. We work with your school to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The review follows a six step process (see above). Once a review has been commissioned, one of our team will be appointed as your Reviewer. The leadership team complete a self-evaluation, which feeds into your Reviewer's overall preparation for their visit to school. Following the one-day visit, your reviewer produces a summary report, with actionable recommendations. Schools can commission their Reviewer to provide on-going strategic support and/or to deliver our MPTA CPD for TAs and teachers.

The stages of the TA review process are explained in full in our downloadable TA Deployment Review Guide

The preparation, school visit and reporting normally takes three days, and costs £1,150 (plus VAT), plus the Reviewer's travel and accommodation expenses (as required). We agree the scope and cost of your review in advance, during the identification stage. 

To commission a TA review for your school, please complete an expression of interest form, and email to

Please note: we do not conduct reviews as part of staff rationalisation or competency processes.