MITA and NEC Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship


Support Staff: Unsung Heroes getting the PD the Deserve

More than 30% of staff in England’s schools are teaching assistants and we invest more in support staff per pupil any other country in the world. They are a critical part of our education system, and while teaching assistant roles vary dramatically across the country, their impact on the young people in their care, be that in Early Years, Primary, Secondary or Special Schools, is immense and will continue to be of significance over the coming years as we strive to support a generation of young people blighted by covid.
Maximising TAs is at the forefront of supporting the schools’ workforce through research and delivery of the MITA and MPTA programmes. They have played an important role working with School Leaders, Teachers and TAs to translate MITA’s principles into practice, defining the role and contribution of this key staff group. Research in early 2021 into the impact of TAs during covid showed their critical role in the day-to-day running of schools in the pandemic’s early stages and though these staff were seemingly invisible to many in the sector, their support and expertise was vital to keeping education on track for millions of young people.

As we move forward to meet the variety of challenges that schools face, support staff will be vital to the success of young people. Maximising TAs and the National College of Education are championing  this group of unsung heroes, we will be providing high-quality professional learning to support recruitment and retention, creating pathways for career progression and, not before time, recognising support staff for what they are…educational professionals who deserve an equal footing within the sector.
That is why from September 2022, the NCE and Maximising TAs will be offering dedicated CPD for TAs, LSAs and HLTAs on our Future Leaders Programme: Maximising Impact of Support Staff . We have limited numbers on the first cohort so it’s a first come, first served for places.

Future Leaders Programme: Maximising Impact of Support Staff

  • 12-month programme
  • Four modules across eight online seminars
  • Team Leader Apprenticeship qualification
  • Five enrichment sessions provided by Maximising TAs
  • Eligibility: anyone currently working in a support role – TAs, LSAs, HLTAs

The Future Leaders Programme is a fully funded apprenticeship programme that helps practitioners become more effective in leading within their supporting role. Developed over 5 years, this programme has supported more than 500 learners to deliver impact across strategy, operations and people, transforming their roles and opening doors within their organisations. It will provide a set of core knowledge, skills and behaviours that will provide the foundation to further careers and consolidate aspirations.
The programme lasts 12 months and will introduce learners to a series of simple to use management tools that will provide a practical base for their career. Working across four key areas (Strategy, Transformation, People and Operations), the programme will give all support staff the confidence to step up and build capacity across their school’s team.
Each learner will have a dedicated professional learning mentor to guidance them through the
programme modules, as well as a videos, podcasts and access to a wealth of resources helping to build new knowledge and secure the essential skills to manage in any environment.

Assessment is through a portfolio and a series of work-based tasks that will develop key
apprenticeship knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Tailored Support Staff Cohort
We are building a cohort that will include TAs, LSAs and HLTAs from across the spectrum of schools, academies and colleges. All learners will have a desire to move their career on and will either be leading a small team or have aspirations to do so.

If you or your staff in your school meet any of these criteria then the Future Leaders Programme:
Maximising Impact of Support Staff is for you:
Not only will these learners work together to build a great networking group, they will be supported by Sally Franklin, Associate Researcher at UCL and Lead at Maximising TAs who has provided extensive support to thousands of support staff through her publications, research and practical advice. Sally will be delivering a series of Enrichment Workshops during the programme to help turn the theory (and the tools) into practice.

What next?
 If you would like to secure your place on this fully funded pilot programme then please book
a call with our Team using this link or call 0208 221 9089
 If you are interested in discussing how the programme can support your organisational
strategic aims, your Talent Management strategy or design a bespoke Trust approach, please
contact Gareth Alcott at
 For more details, see our Future Leaders Programme: Maximising Impact of Support
webpage here